Meet Holly


Holly Tait Markas is the Desert Princess Real Estate Specialist, exclusively selling over 1000 Condominiums and Villas at the Desert Princess Country Club for over 23 years. After completing the sales of the DPCC Master Series Development in 2001, she went on to open Holly’s Homes providing her clients with her knowledge, experience, and superior customer service. She has earned substantial referral business from her satisfied clients over the years. At the age of 13, Holly was busy doing mailers for her parents, who were Realtors, received her Real Estate License at 20 and by the age of 25 became a Real Estate Broker. Her career has spanned from Newport Beach to Maui before relocating to Palm Springs. With over 50 years in the real estate industry, Holly knows what both Buyers and Sellers need, particularly in this current real estate market. In her many years of selling real estate, Holly has EXCLUSIVELY sold at the DPCC for over 23 years and has continued to be the SALES LEADER.

Holly’s Homes is now offering an exclusive Personal Concierge Service, to take care of your Desert Princess Home while you are away. Homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Holly’s Homes will take care of their home like it was their own. We send a detailed report at the end of every month, so you are kept up to date on your home here in the desert. If you would like more information on our Concierge Service, please call Patrick Sheehan today at 760-668-4201.   

We also offer our Vacation Rental Management Service, helping clients rent out their beautiful Condos and Villas in Desert Princess. We have over 12 years of experience helping owners find renters. Call Holly or Pam today to join our growing list of rentals exclusively in Desert Princess. Holly:  760-885-2800 or Pam:  760-668-0778.

Thinking of selling??? Call Holly and she will personally discuss the past sales activity and current market conditions here at the Desert Princess. With more than 21 years of EXCLUSIVE sales experience here, HOLLY KNOWS THE DESERT PRINCESS!!

Holly's Homes motto:  The answer is YES!  What’s your question?

Memorial for Smarty Pants
(May 5, 2006 - April 18, 2021)


It is with deep sadness Holly said goodbye to her precious pal Smarty Pants.  Smarty Pants was a permanent fixture in the office for 15 years and kept Holly and her team running smoothly.  She is at the “Rainbow Bridge” playing as she loved to do – waiting for that special day when Holly will join her.

In the meantime, Amazing Gracie has taken her spot by Holly’s desk.  In addition to helping Holly, she is in training to be a therapy dog and continues to bring great joy to Holly’s Homes.